Official announcement

Dear members

We feel obliged and we have the responsibility to inform you on a very important decision issued by the Greek Court.

A few months ago, a software imitation of our own “Betpractice” and “BetSuite Pro” was created on the Internet, in a bad version. As soon as we detected these actions, we immediately placed a lawsuit in order to reveal the truth about the counterfeit and the conditions under which it happened.

In recent months, the company and our partners were – almost daily – receiving attacks or challenges by posting false reports on various social media, with the sole purpose of damaging the prestige of our company and disorienting the public and our subscribers from the real facts.

After months of litigation, the Court eventually issued the decision that the specific software is a product of conscious copying. The company promoting it and the persons associated with it or its application are forced to immediately suspend its commercial exploitation. Moreover the Court imposed a large daily compensation for each day this software remains active. In addition, the company and all the persons involved (employees, shareholders and partners) are barred from engaging, exploiting and promoting such an application in the future.

All this time we avoided answering all the fake posts as we never considered the imitation software competitive. Mainly out of respect to our customers and to the prestige of our company, we intended to issue a definite response according to the court decision, based on facts and not on speculation.

This moment has now come, for the truth to shine and for our efforts to be justified!

We would like to thank you all for your support throughout the years and especially for your trust in our company, our partners and our products.


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